Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Biggest Britney's Hater of All Time

THIS IS A BULLS#!T !!! Perez Hilton on his website wrote that :

This is awful news!!
We've gotten word that music producer Rusko, who is currently contributing to Britney Spears' upcoming album, suffered a devastating loss yesterday when his car exploded in his driveway and it set fire to his house!
His home, cars, and studio were destroyed in literally an hour, and although he managed to escape with his hard drive, we're sad to report that all of his Brit Brit demos were lost in the fire!

Obviously, we're primarily just thrilled that no one seriously injured, but we can't imagine what it must be like to literally lose everything like that! So horrific!
Our thoughts are with him during such a difficult time.

Hang in there, bb.

p/s : Britney's manager,Adam, on Brit Facebook page said it's totally BULLS#!T !!

source :

YES, this is Perez Hilton.

He's a blogger that paid to humiliate other artists especially his main target our Queen B. Guess what? He's hate Britney because he thinks our queen interupt the career of his most adored celebrity, LADY GAGA. He's doing so much to Brit  :

- encourage his 'fans' not to bought Britney Gimme More single that's on #1 on iTunes
- told his 'fans' to unfollow Britney on TWITTER than follow Lady Gaga instead

There are many more about him. Maybe you guys realised he's on the intro of Britney Circus Tour - yeah, the big fat queen wannabe with red hair. You can see him on Youtube if you don't believe me. And after the concert end, he's back-stabbed Britney later on. Most Britney fans said he HATES Brit because she wants Lady Gaga on the fame...and he too ....

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