Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Brit Should Remake MJ's THRILLER ?

28NOV2010, MTV.com  - MTV on their official website they want to see Britney in a new version of Michael Jackson's epic music video, "Thriller." Here's their top 4 reasons :

1. The "Overprotected" singer is no stranger to the choreographed stylings of both Michael and Janet Jackson. She's adapted elements of both performers into her many videos -- and we think she'd do well to take a more literal stance on their inspiration in the form of a freaking awesome rendition of "Thriller" 2.0.

2. Britney's no stranger to remakes. She reminded the public at large about the meaning of the word "prerogative" when she sang her version of the famed Bobby Brown song. And she's redone "Satisfaction."

3. We know Britney can rock red leather like no one else can--recall, as you surely can, the "Oops I Did It Again" video. Britney Spears was truly a Nostradamus of style--she predicted the return of jumpsuits a full decade early!

4. Instead of zombies, Britney can opt for a very modern and feminine ghoul of choice--a glampire! Some fangs, a Cullen-worthy pallor, scary-chic makeup, and the look is complete.
Obviously no one could ever replace or top Michael Jackson's mastery of dance or the breakthrough that was "Thriller," but we'd love to see Britney's version of a tribute.
Gimme more, Britney! You... need... time.. because there IS a second chance against the thing with 40 eyes, in the paraphrased words of Michael J.

p/s : well, MJ & Brit fans have a heavy debates on the web claiming that it's a big risk for Britney's career. But hey, better or worst, Britney is Britney & MJ is MJ

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