Sunday, January 9, 2011

2011 Pop Stars : Who Will Rise On Fame & Who Will Fall Down Hard ?

2011 will be one of the best year of music industry as many big icon stars will shine throughout the year.

In the female pop scene 2010, Katy Perry dominates the year with her successful California Gurls, Teenage Dream, and recently, Fireworks. Lady Gaga also entertained her 'little monsters' fan around the world with her worldwide tour. 

Meanwhile, Beyonce also take the spotlight by winning several Grammy's from her highly-anticipated album. Ke$ha also, has a very successful digital sales of her singles.

Enough talking about the past, 2011 stepping in now. The year will start with the releasing of Britney's new single on January 11th, "Hold It Against Me" and will follow up by Gaga's single "Born This Way" on February 11th. 

It's a bet Britney and Lady Gaga gonna do their best to take the spot in the pop industry. Will Britney lose the crown to Gaga? It's not easy as Britney already an icon and almost everyone knows about her, the good and bad. Gaga has huge fans, but many of her fans (except for the die-hard) also adore Britney more as their pop icon. 

However, at last, the fans must realized, it's not about who is the best, as music is for everyone to enjoy. 

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