Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Britney Spears Takes Jason As Her Agent Again

Britney Spears and Jason Trawick, will be working together again. Jason Trawick will once again be Britney Spears agent. Jason and Britney Spears after dating since March 2009, had stopped working professionally, last May. Now, Britney Spears has re-signed with Jason Trawicks company. Jason Trawick once again Britney Spears agent will be handle her work. 

Jason Travick won't handle Brit's career single handedly. “Jason will be part of the team handling her career. He won’t be the only agent working with her, he will handling acting endeavors, but there will be a big music department also on her account,” revealed a source. 

Britney Spears's decision of taking Jason Trawick as her agent is looked at as her parents deed. Britney's parents have always likes Jason and his work. “Jason is someone the family trusts, they know he will make the best decisions for her and she feels comfortable with him. WME is absolutely the best choice for Britney. They are the best at what they do and her team recognize that.”

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