Wednesday, January 12, 2011

'Hold It Against Me' : Britney Blasts Onto Radio

After just one day, Britney Spears’ “Hold It Against Me” already ranks as the No. 16 most-played track at pop radio, according to Nielsen BDS.

The survey lists the most played songs on 130 mainstream top 40 radio stations, as monitored by BDS.
“Hold It Against Me” logged 595 plays yesterday (Jan. 10) on 114 of the chart’s reporting stations, or 88% of the panel. The song’s first-day airplay translates to 7.8 million in audience.

KIIS (102.7)/Los Angeles and KHTS (Channel 933)/San Diego led all pop reporters with 18 first-day plays each.

In 24 hours, ‘Hold It Against Me’ instantly shot to number one in station requests,” says KIIS assistant program director/music director Julie Pilat. “Looking at the feedback we got on Twitter, the responses range from ‘BEST SONG EVER’ to ‘Can’t get enough of the new Britney’ to ‘I need this song to breathe! Undoubtedly, Britney is back and on her way to another No. 1 single.”

Fellow mainstream top 40 programmers report that early listener reaction to the song has been overwhelmingly positive.

It’s another home run for Britney,” says Sharon Dastur, PD of WHTZ (Z100)/New York, which spun “Hold It Against Me” eight times yesterday. “The Tweets, texts and Facebook posts are overflowing with listeners that are excited that Britney is back with another smash.”


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