Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Britney Spears vs Lady Gaga: Who Will Win?

This comment on Twitter:

“@Born2BeBrave No wonder everyone hates Gaga + her fans. The only people who like Gaga are her fans, lmao. No one else does…”

And this was not a lone comment.

They both do pop, yes, but very different sorts of pop…surely they can exist in the same ecosystem without declaring war…so what’s going on?

The answer comes from the fact that both artists have formed VERY tribal groups. In Lady Gaga’s case this was really cultivated by her. The Monsters’ Ball follows the theme of making it fabulous to be an outcast. Lady Gaga has been making disciples of her fans, giving them their own label as Monsters and targeting those that get little love elsewhere. The tweet above was aimed @Born2BeBrave…here’s their twitter description:
Scheiße! I’m a Little Mons†er who was Born This Way ♞ Liberated at the Monster Ball on 10.12.10 (”’) paws up (”’)

See what we mean….

Britney’s fans on the other hand have become defensive over a number of years. Britney has been built up and pulled down for nearly 14 years now. They’ve stood by her through her “fall from virgin status” years and that time she shaved her head and attacked a pap with an umbrella. The crazy “Leave Britney Alonnnnee!” dude was at the extreme end….but it hints at the sort of protectiveness her followers feel.

So what happens when both are being called the Queen of Pop at the same time….the less moderate fans on one side call the less moderate fans on the other side nasty names.

Lady Gaga is set to release her album in May, Britney in March. Singles will come even closer. Gaga has just over 8 million followers on twitter, Britney just shy of 7 million.

Ding ding!


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  1. Gaga always the best, Britney always the coolest & fun ♡