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A Very Serious Letter From A Britney Fan


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This is a pretty long post regarding Britney's current status on her career and her life. I know, a lot has been told these days and I'll repeat some of those things here. Please, if you're not interested don't bother half-ass reading this just so you can tell me to shut up or god-forbid, that I'm not a real Britney fan. Once again, and forgive me for my language, if you're a fucking blind Britard living in a pink bubble, please do not comment on this post because it's pointless. Thank you.

There's been a lot of speculation and crazy talk on Exhale ever since HIAM made a debut. I think it became pretty obvious to some of you that this era is not going to be what we expected. Yes, we expected too much. But can you really blame us? And by us I mean fans that are following Britney ever since her very early days. How can we not expect much after witnessing all those VMAs, amazing performances and everything Britney was? Personally, I am mad at Britney. I know that I have no idea what's really going on in her life but one thing is for sure – it's not ok to give your fans a half-assed era after everything they did for you. Now, here's the sentence I've heard quite a lot lately – Britney doesn't owe us anything. Really? I know you love her, but be realistic just for a second. I will not reffer to the early days (1998 – mid 2004) because we stood up for Brit because she really did give us a lot.

Majority of fans stayed with Britney during the whole madness that started in late 2006. Goddamn, we've been there even when she married that douchebag! I personally tried so hard to like that son of a bitch. When your idol, and we're talking about a real icon here, shaves her head, goes to rehab, fails drug tests and loses the custody of her kids and you're still here after all of that, well, you do expect something in return. We've witnessed photos of Britney having period , many photos of her vagina, of her puking in her car. We were the ones who defended her while Us Weekly/In Touch/Star Magazine tried so hard to bring her down. We were the ones standing up for her on YouTube arguing with those bastards and their nasty comments. We were the ones who BOUGHT everything Britney released. Fuck, we were the ones who bought several copies of Blackout on iTunes hoping she would surpass Eagles' first week sales. We were the ones listening to that Ryan Seacrest interview where, for the first time, became obvious that our Britney is out of her mind. We were the ones who pushed the Circus era so hard. I know, Britney's been mentioning us a lot lately but that would hardly ever make it up for what we did. I'm sorry I'm being so dramatic but please, try to understand me. It was hard. And all of you that were in similiar positions know that.

And don't you dare to tell me she doesn't owe us anything. If it hadn't been for us, Britney would've never found her way back in 2008. Yes, it's true. Sometimes I can't believe how blinded some of you are. Get in touch with the real world. The day when Britney was presented as an drug-abuser and unfit mother the interest of general audience stopped for her. They only care about the tabloid stuff. Britney lost her status of top female artist. It's not because Gaga. Gaga only helped with that.

This "Femme Fatale" era is the real evidence that Britney doesn't like being a pop star. She stopped loving it in 2004 and ever since then she's been struggling to continute with it only because she feels like she has to. I know she likes making music and dancing but the public part of being a pop star is not interesting for her anymore. Further more, she's afraid of it. It's making her nervous and obviously she can't let her self go and just be in any public speech of performance. And that includes video shootings and all those industry people watching here there. I believe 2007 damaged her a lot and now she simply can't stand the pressure. I don't blame Brian for pumping us with tweets and MTV interviews. I really do believe she was amazing in rehearsals. Britney is such a talented dancer and you can't wipe talent just like that. Nothing can wipe the talent she has. But she can't show it. She's stuck in her mind full of fears, the lack of self-respect and a serious need to just have a family and a quiet home.

The reason I'm mad is because this era is not fair for the fans. We don't deserve to be let down anymore. This time, we deserved to be awestruck by her. I'm mad because Britney knows, and I'm 100% sure about that, that she isn't bringing it. I'm mad because she's taking us for granted. I understand, trust me, I really understand her. It's obvious she has a mild type of bipolar disorder. I've been here on Exhale everyday in 2007 and watched her going through all that stuff but that helped me, because at that time I was also struggling with bipolar. I was also trying to learn how to put myself back into the real world. I see it. I know she wants to be a normal person, I know all of this is a drag for her. But she should've step out and say so. Ok, maybe that's unrealistic too expect Britney holding a press-conference where she will announce her retirement. She's not a baseball player but still. All of this could've been done very differently. I wish people in Jive confronted her with the real situation. They're letting her be in her little world created by Jamie and her handlers. Just as long as they get money. I believe that only person who sees Britney as she really is – is Jason. She couldn't have done all of this without him. It's clear to all of us that she's not that happy. It's clear that she is taking some kind of medication. It's clear that her life by itself it's hard enough. So no, trying to be a pop star she used to be is not the right track. She's exhausting herself physically and mentally and I'm afraid for her.

I said I was mad. I can't be mad at Britney. I'm just starting to realise that something have come to an end. And I'm writing this because I know there are a lot of here feeling the same way.

Once again, a lot of this has been already told so forgive me to bother you. Also, I'm sorry I stated some of my opinions as facts, I know it's wrong. But this time, some of the truth is just too obvious. If you managed to this sentence then I thank you very much. This helped me a lot.

Btw, fans that are writing goodbye topics and leaving - fuck you. I understand your frustration but you don't give up on Britney just like that. 

p/s : Are you guys agree with him/her? 

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  1. Well said. Someone has to speak up. I'm tired of everyone saying how "great" Femme Fatale tour is. It's not. It doesn't hold a candle to old Britney. Period.