Thursday, March 10, 2011

Britney Spears Still Dominates Music Charts Despite Personal Problems

Washington, March 10 Pop princess Britney Spears has been revealed to still be domination the music charts despite all the personal problems she has been facing.

Spears, 29, is said to have surpassed even most of her fellow pop princesses, and the reason has been put down to her songs being relatable.

"Britney had the biggest hits in her day, there is long-lasting good will towards her and people root for her to succeed," Fox News quoted Monica Herrera, News Editor of as saying. "People find Britney relatable and her songs are good, her fans want to see her dance and be a spectacle. Dance pop is even bigger than before and she has always been a part of that," she said.

As far as music sales are concerned, Spears' recently released 'Hold It Against Me' immediately shot to the top of the charts, following in the footsteps of her 2008 number one album 'Circus'.

According to Pollster, Spears' 'Circus' tour was the third highest-grossing tour worldwide in 2009 (just behind ACDC and Fleetwood Mac) and pulled a gross of around 54.8 million dollars.

In contrast, Christina Aguilera's recent album 'Bionic' was a big disappointment, selling just 110,000 copies in its first week of sales."Aguilera obviously is a better singer, but Britney has much better songs than her," David Schulhof, Entertainment Expert and Chief Executive Officer, E2 Group LLC, explained.

"Spears works with the best producers, songwriters, even her videos are more memorable.

"She's more of a pop icon. The personal interest in Britney also produces sales, which is why she has sold 100 million albums while Christina has sold 50 million and Jessica has sold 20 million albums," he stated.

But music aside, the public's fascination with Spears adds to her overall success. Fans have watched the star at her most vulnerable moments and can identify with her stumbles. And most importantly, despite her struggles, Spears has kept to her winning formula of catchy tunes and dance songs.

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