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EXCLUSIVE : Glee's Brittany Talking About Britney

Actress and dancer Heather Morris, 24, plays loveable, ditzy cheerleader Brittany on hit show Glee. Who better to fill us in on what it’s like to get up close to the princess of pop?

What was Britney like on the Glee set?
She was really sweet. She was kind of quiet and observant and interested in what we were doing. She just stood back and watched. 

I think she was a little nervous, which was really cute. She was on set for two days between 9am and 3pm because she had to go and get her kids in the afternoon, and it was kind of like she was at school too. 

Did she have an entourage with her?
She didn’t really make a fuss over anything but I think she had a couple of assistants with her. 

Was that the first time you’d met her?
No actually. She was auditioning choreographers a while back and they all had to choreograph a routine which a dancer would perform in front of her. 

One choreographer asked me to be his ‘Britney’ so I was dressed as Britney Spears in this huge dance number when I first met her. She’s my idol, so I knew everything about her, like her mannerisms and how she dances.When I met her afterwards she was like, ‘You nailed me exactly!’ She was laughing because it was so weird for her.

When Britney saw you on set did she recognise you?
I don’t know actually. I think she might have done a little bit, or someone reminded her. She meets thousands of people so I won’t blame her for not remembering me. It must be crazy. I’ve met a third of the people she’s met and I don’t remember that many people. 

Did she tell you what she thought of your ‘Britney’ performance on the show?
Oh my God. She sent me a giant, beautiful arrangement of flowers with a note which I kept. I’ve got it up on my wall in my trailer. It says, ‘Great job. You were amazing. Love Britney.’ I was freaking out when those arrived. 

Did she give you any tips on how to be her?
No she didn’t, but she wasn’t there when I was doing the routines. That was all filmed before she was on set. 

Actually she did walk in when I was wearing the red leather outfit for I’m A Slave 4 U. She stood at the side and looked at me and smiled, and I think she was just taking it in and thinking, ‘This young girl is here being me.’ I’m sure it was bizarre for her. She must have felt like Madonna. You know you’re an icon when that kind of thing happens. 

At the end of Me Against The Music you and Britney get up close and personal. Your line was, ‘Your breath smells really good.’ Did it really?
Yep, she made sure she made it smell real good. I think she had a mint before.

What does Britney Spears smell like? 
Oh I don’t know. Goodness? 

Your character has kissed girls in the show in the past. Was there any talk of her and Britney having a smooch?
Not that I know of. I don’t think so. 

So when Britney was inches away from your face were you tempted to just plant one on her?
I think everyone thought we were going to because of the camera angle and stuff – but no I wasn’t. 

Out of the rest of the cast who was most starstruck about meeting her?
I want to say maybe Kevin (McHale who plays Artie). He loves to meet people and he gets super-excited about it. 

He’s such a pop culture nerd. He knows everything about these people and gets really nervous about meeting them. 

At one point he thought I was her from behind. He told me about it later, he was like, ‘I thought you were Britney and I got really nervous and ran away.’

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