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EXCLUSIVE : Myah Marie Talks About Britney

Myah Marie is an American singer and songwriter. She is a demo artist for Britney Spears and also does background vocals for Britney. While she continues making working for Spears, Marie is currently working on her own music carrer…


How did you get started with working with Britney?
Word of mouth! It’s a long story, but a few of my songs I was pitching for her got sent over to her team, they contacted me a few months later and had me come in and do some background vocals! I was SOOOO excited! 

Have you ever met Britney? (If so do you have a picture?)
Yes! When I was in 10! It’s a random story actually. My father is Murray Langston (The Unknown Comic) he was a comedian on the Gong Show in the 1970’s. Anyways, he was at some event and Chris Kirkpatrick from N*SYNC came up to him apparently and told him how big a fan he was (of my dad lol wtf?!). I guess he went on and on, and said that if my dad had any kids, he could get him hooked up with some N*SYNC tickets. My dad (knowing me) replied, “Well, I do have a daughter but to be honest she really is ONLY into Britney Spears, she loves her!”
 Coincidentally, N*SYNC had the same manager at the time as Britney (Johnny Wright) and Chris kindly introduced my dad to their manager, and informed him of my Britney infatuation. Mr. Right offered my dad some tickets… AND backstage passes! He said to call his office in a week and let them know that Johnny said it was O.K. When my dad came home and told me this story I almost passed out, I made him re-tell it a few times haha. Anyways, my dad called the next week and his office said they’d get back to us. They didn’t…another few weeks had passed and the concert when Britney was coming to LA was swiftly approaching. I spent every minute by our house phone, and my anxiety grew, I started to assume that I wasn’t going to be receiving any Britney tickets, or the opportunity to meet my idol. Low and behold, they called us a WEEK before the concert at the Universal Amphitheatre, our tickets and backstage passes would be held at WILL CALL! I brought my best friend at the time, we thoroughly enjoyed her epic performance, bought t-shir’ts and proceeded backstage to the “MEET & GREET” area. Lol omg I was such a huge fan of hers, when I met her I was literally shaking, I asked her what her e-mail address was LMAO and she said it was , she smiled, hugged me and took a picture with us! I almost died!

You told us that you’re a huge fan of Britney…what do you like most about her?
I couldn’t name just ONE specific thing I love about her. I honestly think it’s just HER, there’s something magical and intoxicating about her presence. There’s something unexplainable about Britneys’ appeal, I can’t really blame it on simply her beauty, her sick dance moves, her unbelievable voice, or her catchy melodies. I don’t know what else to say, from the minute I heard “Autumn Goodbye” on AOL kids, I was HOOKED! 

What is your favorite Britney song?
“Let Me Be” from the Britney album, hands down, I really can relate to it because I love my independence. It’s definitely my go-to song post breakup.

Many demos that you recorded hit Youtube and CLAIMED to be for Britney…Feet On The Ground, Insane, Candy For A Stranger………could you clear up which where really for Britney?
Feet On The Ground- I had Britney in mind, she kind of inspired me to write the song, but this wasn’t for her intentionally. It just kind of escaped onto the internet and evolved.
Insane- This was just a random song, I don’t like this one at all lol. I think at the time I wanted it to go to Britney, but in retrospect, I should’ve never expected it to make it on her album! NOT GOOD ENOUGH!
Candy From A Stranger- A song originally for Laze & Royal on their album. Unfortunately, did not turn out that way. Nothing to do with Britney.

We have to be honest, many people out there are thinking that you’re only using Britney for your own career. What would you like to tell them?
I honestly LOVE Britney, I have nothing but the upmost respect for her and her artistry. In no way would I ever “use” Britneys’ name for my personal gain. It’s an honor to be even listed on the same CD as her! Come on, the woman is my IDOL, I used to dream about her adopting me lol, if it’s a sin to mention her name, or say that I’ve worked as a background vocalist for her… well… then… as the Queen has said herself “ Living in sin is the new thing” ;)

Since Britney’s new album ‘Femme Fatale’ is coming out soon, did you do any back vocals on it?
Yes, “Hold It Against Me”, “Till The World Ends”, “Inside Out”, “Gasoline”, “Trouble for Me”, and the Japanese Bonus Track “Scary”

What is your favorite song from Femme Fatale?
Criminal and I-I-I Wanna Go

Are there any songs that you’ve done background vocals for that didn’t make the final cut?
Yes, one, but I can’t reveal the title.

Britney Spears is…My idol, my influence, the reason I turned to music!

Britney Fans are… Great! Obviously we have something in common… J

My Fans are… Amazing, beautiful and always keeping it sexy. So supportive for someone who isn’t ANYONE, let’s be honest. Myah WHO?! I’m no one special (YET…lol), I know that, and I love that you guys can listen to my DEMOS and some songs with garageband beats, and still rock out. I really love and appreciate it more than I can express.
Thanks for listening/ reading!!! 

Keep it sexy,
Xxmyah marie

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