Wednesday, March 16, 2011

HOT : Britney Spear's Rumored Promotion

Here it is, a screen cap of an updated(3/15) new release sheet from the label which happens to tell us some exciting bits about Queen BritBrit. You’ll have to click the image to enlarge and read the red text.

  • Video premiere for “Till The World Ends” is scheduled for April 6th!
  • She is also set to grace the June issue of Harper’s Bazaar!
  • Ellen skits are set to air on March 28th/29th with a performance on The Ellen Show March 30th!
  • March 29th will be the GMA performances  along with “Britney Day” on all MTV Channels!
  • On April 2nd she is set for something on Kid’s Choice Awards but no details if it is a performance or just an appearance/presenter.
  • The Deluxe version of Femme Fatale will include 4 bonus tracks, possibly a 5th bonus hidden track, gold foil wrap, and extra photos!

Rejoice fellow Britney stans, this is our moment!

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