Thursday, April 14, 2011

Britney Spears - The Most Loved Pop Artist on Social Media

Pop-star makes her comeback in the charts and online, according to
NEW YORK, April 14 - Britney Spears’ new album ‘Femme Fatale’ is not only topping the charts, the singer herself has taken first place in the Top 10 Most Loved Pop Artists.

Amplicate, an online opinion collating resource that accounts for more than 80 million public opinions of social media users, reports over 26 thousand positive Britney Spears expressed on Twitter, Facebook and Amplicate within the last 3 months.

Comments on Britney include praise for the new album, news of her upcoming tours and numerous proclamations of love such as, “(...) She inspires, she creates, she dances, and is the best performer around. Her music keeps me going.”

While some of the comments were negative, like those stating blatantly, “She can't sing,” the star has a love rating of 96 percent.

Also among the Most Loved were Katy Perry, Taylor Swift and Rihanna, all scoring a love percentage of above 90 percent.

Amplicate ranks the most discussed Female Pop Artists to show how the Top 10 compare against each other in terms of public love, reach and absolute opinion. The service also publishes rankings and public opinions for over 200 thousand topics.

About Amplicate: is an opinion-collection and advocacy service with a database of over 80 million opinions from people around the world. Real, unsolicited and uncensored opinions are constantly collected on more than two hundred thousand topics ranging from search engines to software, to music, movies, banking, shoes and cities around the world.

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