Sunday, April 10, 2011

Britney Spears’ Team Slams Rules Claim

The Spanish singer was announced as co-headline alongside Britney during her Femme Fatale series of shows but pulled out of the tour only hours later.

An insider claims Enrique’s team thought the star’s set of tour and press rules were too strict.
“His team took one look at her ‘rules’ and said, ‘If she’s this demanding, he should not be going on tour,’” the source told the American edition of OK! magazine.

The insider also alleges the 37-year-old was offered extra money to keep him on board, but he quit anyway. Britney’s representative has denied the allegations, saying they “aren’t true”.

Enrique took to Twitter to apologise for the confusion and promised his fans he would announce his own tour dates soon.

Britney’s lawyers are in talks with female rapping sensation Nicki Minaj to fill the opening act, with Nicki saying nothing has been decided yet.

Despite the organisational problems, Britney’s team believe her comeback will be a success.
“She’s having a rough start, but she’s a fighter,” insists the insider. “She’s going to surprise everyone".

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