Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Britney Spears Turns To Flowd To Push Single

Britney Spears will use a mobile couponing service as part of the campaign to promote her latest single and album.

The campaign will run with the tagline ’Who’s the biggest fan?’ and offers people the chance to win free copies of her latest single by using music social network Flowd.

Fans can enter the competition by downloading the Flowd mobile app to their Apple or Android devices, or by using the service online.
They then enter the competition by writing why they’re the singer’s biggest fan on the forum, with the first 1,000 entrants winning a digital copy of her latest single ’Til the World Ends’.

The single can be redeemed on Apple’s iTunes Store using a mobile voucher distributed via the Flowd app.
Wouter Jansen, brand manager at Britney Spears’ record label Sony Music Entertainment, said, “We’re continuously looking for new innovations to improve fan loyalty. Flowd looks interesting in that respect.”

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