Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Celine Dion Urges Britney Spears Do Vegas

Celine Dion has urged pop stars Britney Spears and Kylie Minogue to follow her lead and take on a Las Vegas residency - because she’s enjoyed her stint on the Sin City stage so much.

Both stars are rumoured to be in talks for spectacular shows in the Nevada gambling Mecca, and the Aussie singer - currently on tour with her Aphrodite Les Folies trek - recently declared, “I’ve got my Las Vegas show right here. We’ve been talking about it so if I do a residency I definitely have the show for it.”
And stage veteran Dion, who is wowing critics with her latest Vegas residency, has told her fellow chart stars to “go for it” if they are offered a performance contract.

She tells Britain’s Daily Star, “If Britney and Kylie want to come to Vegas and do a residency like me, I say go for it. Vegas is changing. There is room for everyone - new singers and older ones.
“When I first came here in 2003, people said my career was over. I’m here because I love singing, and this allows me to be with my family.”

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