Sunday, April 10, 2011

Is Britney Spears Getting Married?

That or she likes to quote Justin Bieber... 

Could those wedding bells be ringing for a third time for Miss Britney Jean Spears? Well she certainly is hinting that they might just be.

When Us Weekly asked Britney about her relationship with her former agent Jason Trawick and whether the two will ever get married, she replied: "Maybe. Never say never!"

Now we all know she’s needed less in the past to get down the aisle, so we’re going to take that as an “Oh like yah, I’m getting married next week.”
Britney then added: "I've never been happier."
Aw we’re glad Brit, you deserve a few smiles.

It’s not just Britney that’s totally digging her boyfriend man, her sons Preston and Jayden also seem pretty happy with the set up.

Speaking of her home life, she divulged: “He makes me laugh and we are so comfortable being ourselves. We like to stay home, order in, watch movies, go to dinner with friends and we love getting away for the weekend.
“Jason is just amazing with the boys. Thy look up to him so much - they adore him. He's their hero.”
Hurrah all is happy at Camp Britney, no shaved heads, no umbrella car beatings and hardly any full fat frappacinos with a dollop of ice cream and a sprinkle of nuts and chocolate. Noice!

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