Saturday, May 14, 2011

Britney Spears Lookalike Shocks Britain's Got Talent Judges

A BRITNEY Spears impersonator who spent £135,000 to look like her idol kisses Amanda Holden on tonight's Britain's Got Talent.

Superfan Lorna Bliss sprawls all over the judges' desk as she sings and dances to Toxic.

Then she plants a smacker on Amanda who, quoting Katy Perry's I Kissed A Girl, tells her: "I enjoyed it. I loved the taste of your cherry lipgloss. Despite reports that Lorna's routine was too hot for TV, the programme makers have insisted it will be shown tonight. 

Lorna, who auditioned in Liverpool, has suffered for her art. When Britney shaved off all her hair, she did the same.

She revealed: "I've been impersonating Britney Spears since 2000 when she first came out on the scene.
"Making myself into Britney has taken 10 years of my life. The wigs, dental treatments, facials.
If she tightens up, I tighten up, if she puts on a bit of weight I'm like 'hey Pizza Hut, let's go'.

"When Britney shaved her hair off, I did it too. I've basically dedicated my whole being to being Britney.
"To perform at the Royal Variety would just be so awesome. I'd fly the flag for Britney and make her so proud."

Lorna, 28, from Cambridge, claims she earns around £45,000 a year as a Britney impersonator. But she spends £500 a month on her hair alone. Despite her best efforts on BGT, she received three buzzes and fled the stage.But when she returned, now wearing a cardigan, the judges were positive. 

Judge Michael McIntyre said: "You came all the way over here, kissed Amanda and totally ignored me."
David Hasselhoff seemed to miss her singing and simply said: "I like your wardrobe very much."

You can find out if she finally makes it through tonight.

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