Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Britney Spears : Will "I Wanna Go" Top The Charts ?

Posted by Katherine St Asaph

Britney Spears doesn’t just want to dance until the world ends — she wants to go all the way, too, and take her inner freak out. At least that’s what she says in “I Wanna Go,” the next Femme Fatale single, announced on fansite Breathe Heavy for a May 25-26 video shoot.

“I Wanna Go,” penned by Savan Kotecha — the guy behind Glee‘s original tracks — and produced by Spears stalwarts Max Martin and Shellback, doesn’t stray far from the Martin formula, with a club-tailored chorus, a Ke$hafied ”I-I-I wanna go-go-g0, all the way-ay-ay” stuttering and a slew of dance-pop allusions including a synth hook out of Ladytron’s “Runaway” and a whistle part that recalls “Living in Danger” by Ace of Base. The Britney storyline is intact, too.

“I’ve been told who I should do it with,” Britney sings, but worry not: she’s determined to let burst all the dirt in her mind through dancing and freakiness and not having her hands kept above the blanket — a rather disturbing bit of actual darkness. But things aren’t heavy at all — although Spears might be saying “shame on me to need release,” she does it with a giggle and coquettish chirp. So in other words, standard Britney.

The track’s certainly big and has become a bit of a fan favorite, but can it top “Till The World Ends,” which is even bigger and never broke #3 on the Hot 100? We say it’s got a shot.  After all, it’s much better than the just-as-plausible collab.

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