Saturday, May 14, 2011

Hollywood Celebrities Reveal Fave Britney Spears Tune

On Wednesday night in Los Angeles, Britney Spears' supporters gathered to help the star raise funds for the St. Bernard Project. The Louisiana-based nonprofit helps those affected by Hurricane Katrina to rebuild their homes and their lives. And while much of the talk focused on the good the charity does, MTV News also asked the celeb guests which of Spears' songs would make the final cut on their playlists. 

Britney fanatic Selena Gomez said, "Oh goodness! 'Slave 4 U,' that will always be, 'cause that was when it was like, 'Oh, she's not a girl anymore, she's a woman.' The controversy, I loved it!" 

Christina Milian preferred one of Brit's more heartfelt songs. " 'Everytime,' it's emotional, and she's beautiful," Milian told us on the event's red carpet, where we saw a number of stars, including Kim Kardashian and Kellan Lutz. "She sang it great." 

Spears' "Crossroads" co-star Taryn Manning knew Spears way back when, but her favorite song is a more contemporary Britney tune. " 'Till the World Ends' is incredible," she dished. "I think it's seriously one of her best songs, probably the reason why she went platinum like that." 

Sabi, Spears' "(Drop Dead) Beautiful" collaborator, who's set to hit up some Femme Fatale Tour shows this summer, said, "Really, my favorite song had to be 'Toxic' or Slave 4 U. It's between those two. I just think those two are like so sexy, badass songs." 

Hilary Duff found it hard to narrow it down. "I like everything," she said. "I liked the whole 'Toxic' thing. I really liked 'Womanizer'." 

When Victoria Justice listens to Spears, she likes to kick it old school. "I'm a really big fan of her older stuff," she told us, "So, like, 'Overprotected' and 'Lucky'." 

"Vampire Diaries" star Kat Graham enjoys both old and new Britney Spears. "I like 'Hold It Against Me,' I must say. I'm just kind of in with the times right now," she said. "But '... Baby One More Time' is always a classic." 


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