Thursday, May 5, 2011

MAXIM Magazine Hot 100 : Britney Spears

#25 Britney Spears

Birthday: December 2, 1981
Hometown: Kentwood, Louisiana

How You Know Her: Britney Spears won us over right from the start with her spunky schoolgirl music video for her first single, the immortal “Baby, One More Time”. Six albums later, we’re still entranced by this entertainer. In 2002, with three albums under her belt, the established pop star tried her hand at acting, grabbing the lead in the movie Crossroads. The movie made Spears a triple threat: singer, dancer, and actress. After a couple years away from the scene, Brit returned in 2007 with her album Blackout. The single “Gimme More” was one of her most successful hits, reinforcing Spears’ staying power. From mouseketeer to music icon, Britney Spears is a true entertainer—an artist that always leaves us saying, “Gimme More”.


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