Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Britney Spears Tribute Coming to VMAs

A tribute to Britney Spears will be a part of this year's MTV Video Music Awards and the show's producers are discussing a way to salute Amy Winehouse as well.

"Britney will be at the show and we'll be paying tribute to her," VMA executive producer Amy Doyle told Billboard.com, confirming speculation that has grown since a Spears promo for the show began airing.

"She was having an incredible year and she is so beloved by the MTV audience that we started to think what could we do that would be a different experience (from years past)," said Doyle, the executive vice president of Music and Talent for MTV.  "Obviously everything from her choreography to her fashion to her videos will be (covered). We said 'let's challenge ourselves to do something unique'."

source : billboard.com

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