Monday, August 15, 2011

MTV VMA 2011 Featuring Britney Spears Special Tribute

Britney’s MTV tribute looks amazing as dancers wear themed costumes from all of her hit singles in the promo — she even gives a nod to the King of Pop!!


Britney Spears is making it clear: she’s back and here to stay. The MTV VMAs has documented Britney’s highs and some serious lows. Whether it was her jaw-dropping performance in 2001 when she performed “Slave 4 U” with a Burmese Python or her embarrassing “Gimme Me More” spectacle in 2007 — Brit has had a tumultuous relationship with MTV performances.

But that will all change when MTV pays special tribute to Brit Brit on Aug. 28! If this 30 second clip is any indication of what’s to come — we can’t wait!

Here is the Britney's VMA promo ad !! 

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  1. Simrin Player was the redhead dancer on the motorcycle. She was awesome!