Monday, January 10, 2011

Britney Spears' New Album Is 'Amazing,' Pauly D Promises

As Britney Spears fans keep clamoring to hear the pop star's new album before its March release, one person who's heard the music promises that it will be well worth the wait. 

"Her album is amazing -- like, I can't even believe it," DJ Pauly D, star of MTV's "Jersey Shore," tells of Spears' upcoming set. "I will be playing her tracks in the club, they're so good. I think this is gonna be one of her greatest albums." 

Aside from teasing that she was recording a "big" song with hitmaker Dr. Luke in November and later announcing that her album would be coming in March, Spears has kept the details of her seventh studio set under wraps. Last week, it was widely reported that the singer would debut her album's lead single, "Hold It Against Me," this Friday (Jan. 7), but her manager Leber has since posted messages from her Twitter account to clear up what he called "misinformation," writing, "Never pay attention to unofficial announcements." Leber added that "Hold It Against Me" is "definitely coming in January" but did not name an exact date. 

On Thursday, a demo rumored to be of "Hold it Against Me" leaked online, featuring another female singer's vocals on the track. At press time, however, Spears' camp has neither confirmed nor denied that the song is a demo for her single. 

Meanwhile, Pauly D says he's already planning to play Spears' new music at his next DJ gig. "Everyone's steering towards dance and everything like that, and she's like, right there," he says. "That's how I judge good music, is where I'm gonna play it. Like, 'alright, I'll play that in the car or I can play that in the club.' You can definitely play her stuff in the club.

"Although," he says with a knowing smile, "she has some tracks you can play in the car, too." 

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