Sunday, March 6, 2011

Britney Spears - Femme Fatale (Album Review)

Till the World Ends:
this is a perfect song to start the record with because it gives you an idea of how the rest of the record will sound like this Dr Luke and Max Martin produced track is sure to be a smash with a very catchy chorus and upbeat instrumental that will make you want to get up and dance and it is one of the biggest club bangers in the record.
Hold It Against Me:
most of you by now probably heard the song it was released as her first single it’s a fun electronic dance track and has Dr Luke written all over it with the fun lyric ”If I Said I Want Your Body Now Would You Hold It Against Me?” and an amazing breakdown produced by billboard overall a good uptempo track.
Inside Out:
this is the 3rd track on the record and this time around it’s slower than the previous tracks. This mid tempo track is produced by Dr Luke,Max Martin and Billboard the song is very sexy and empowering for all of the ladies out there because in one of the lyrics she sings ”come on push me to the side kiss me till the end of the night” it makes you feel hot and it is one of those tracks that you will skip through after a few listens.
I Wanna Go:
I Wanna Go is one of our favorite tracks on this record starting with whistles and happy-like instruments this track is very reminiscent to Bob Sinclair this Max Martin and Shellback produced song is about going out with the girls and having a good time and has a potential to be a hit.
How I Roll:
this Boodshy produced track is a very different song and unique in it’s own way it kind of reminds me of Glamorous by Fergie and what i liked the most about this song is the vocals changing from her going really low to really high kind of like We R Who We R by Ke$ha in a way this track is one of those tracks that stand out in the record because it’s different than the other ones.
(Drop Dead) Beautiful (featuring Sabi):
this song starts off with a rather weird intro it slowly picks up after newcomer Sabi starts rapping in the beginning with Britney humming which I LOVED the chorus is amazing with repetitive na na na’s but not in a ”Till The World Ends” way this track shows off britney’s vocals it reminded me of Soda Pop but it does not sound like that overall this track is very radio friendly and will top the charts most likely.
Seal It with a Kiss:
or as i would like to call it Amnesia Part 2 this song is a sweet typical britney song and what i mean by typical is a song that what britney’s fans are use to and love it’s a cool track  but just not my favorite in the album and most likely forgettable.
Big Fat Bass (featuring
this will most likely be a lot of people’s favorite song on femme fatale it is produced by from the Black Eyed Peas and it is a BEAST this songs starts off with b showing off her sexy raspy voice with pianos playing then turns into a completely different song sounded good singing with britney at the same time ”We Breakin’ All The Glasses” it will be this summer’s anthem enough said.
Trouble for Me:
this is a fun track with dance-rock elements it starts off with an acoustic guitar but then kicks off from there with britney singing ”How Risky Can It Be” this Fraser T. Smith track is a cool track to listen to while getting ready to go out. I wouldn’t say it’s metal but it’s a pop rock track which sounds AMAZING with britney’s voice.
Trip to Your Heart:
I wouldn’t call this song a ballad maybe an dance ballad which is produced by Bloodshy it’s a really track it’s like Firework by Katy Perry meets Unusual You By Britney. This is another song that showcases britney’s vocals and she does it well and beautifully in this heartfelt yet dancy track.
when i read the title of the song i was thinking what the hell will that be about not knowing that this will be my favorite track in Femme Fatale this Dr.Luke and Benny Blanco track is in my opinion the best track because the beat on the song is sick and it changes every second it’s like toxic on steroids the repetitive ”FIRE-FIRE-FIRE” is amazing because it’s done in a very clever way and britney delivers and does it right and i am hoping this will be picked as a single with one hell of a sexy video.
Britney’s ends this record with a mid-tempo and this another track that stands out in the record and reminded me so much of Madonna’s ”American Life” this song is fierce and an empowering song but nothing more it is simple yet nice way to end the record

this is a definite pick up and one of the best records in years you will dance to this record you will sing along and even cry with deep lyrics but the majority of the tracks are uptempo and club bangers overall it is another great britney record and i am sure that a lot of fans will be happy and love it.

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