Thursday, March 31, 2011

Enrique Iglesias Tweets Apology For the 'confusion' After Pulling Out of Britney Spears' Tour

Enrique Iglesias has finally broken his silence on his withdrawal from Britney Spears' new tour. The Latino singer apologised for the 'confusion' surrounding his decision as he stepped out in London last night.

He surprised many by pulling out of Britney's tour within a couple of hours of her much heralded announcement on Good Morning America this week.

Iglesias wrote:'Hey guys, sorry for the confusion regarding a possible tour in the summer with Britney Spears. 'We are on the Euphoria tour and will continue to do so including some soon-to-be-announced dates in US. So hope to see all of you soon.'

According to reports Iglesias's ego was the real reason behind his decision to drop out of Britney Spears's tour.

Multiple sources have revealed that the Lothario singer just couldn't handle being the support act and had originally agreed to join her on the understanding they had equal billing.According to the U.S. website TMZ, lawyers and agents for the respective pop stars had been hammering out an agreement for weeks.

But when Britney went public with the tour details on Good Morning America on Tuesday, it then became apparent that he was in reality the support act. 

This resulted in Iglesias's camp announcing he would not be joining Britney on her tour - just hours after the mother of two revealed on live U.S. television that he would be supporting her gig.

Iglesias representative Gary Mantoosh said in a statement that his client and Spears wouldn't tour together 'despite initial reports based on formal discussions of the possible run'.

The statement added that  Iglesias 'is very sorry for the confusion this might have caused to anyone.' 

It also said the Latin singer, who is currently on tour in Europe, respects Spears and is a fan of her work.

The tour will be Britney's first full live shows since her popular 2009 The Circus tour, which raked in an impressive $131.8 million (£82.4 million) in global ticket sales.  

The tour will kick off on June 17 in Sacramento, California, and will include 26 arena dates. The specific dates have not been released.

A source told Billboard today that there could still be hope for a Britney/ Enrique tour with the artists' respective teams in the process of renegotiation.
Yesterday Britney was on a promotional offensive to plug her tour and new album, Femme Fatale.

After starting the day on GMA, where here raunchy pre-recorded performance was show, she ended the day on Jimmy Kimmel Live.
After her chemical loo skit with Johnny Knoxville was aired, Britney took to the stage to close the ABC programme, performing renditions of Til The World Ends, as well as her comeback single Hold It Against Me.


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