Sunday, April 24, 2011

Britney Spears Bans Junk Food On Her Tour

Britney Spears has banned junk food from her upcoming US tour in a bid to stay in shape, according to a red top. Pizzas, cookie dough ice cream, hot dogs and beer have all been blacklisted on the upcoming jaunt, reports The Sun.

"The singer has given caterers strict instructions not to make any junk food because she's not allowed it," the newspaper claimed. 

Spears has also enlisted Michael Jackson's choreographers to help her recreate his dance routines on the jaunt. To help her channel the spirit of the late King of Pop, she's ordered her crew to play his songs on repeat in her dressing rooms at all times.

Humidifiers and a mini gym are being carted to each show to ensure Spears is able to perform at her best.

The singer's US tour is due to kick off at the Power Balance Pavilion in Sacramento on June 16.

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