Saturday, April 23, 2011

My Britney Spears' Femme Fatale Review

Yeah, it's been nearly a month Femme Fatale be released. It's Britney's 6th #1 album and selling estimated 500k copies right now. Maybe it's quite a late review though. LOL. but nevermind. It's just my personal opinion on the album  =)

First of all, I kinda hate the album cover (pic on the right)..........maybe a full body shot is better, i think..

the very 1st time I listen to this, i'm not into it. but the catchy lyrics somehow making me fall onto this track later on & now one of my fav o.O and the MV is awesome!!!!!!!

2) HOLD IT AGAINST ME   (7/10)'s heavily auto-tuned and Britney sound robotic...but the dubstep part is really cool though. The MV is good but not better than TTWE MV

Gosh, one of my fav tracks on the album..and the fast-pacing lyrics...-__-" one of the ballad sound-alike on the album...

4) I WANNA GO   (9/10)
Okay, many Britney's fans love this and wanna it to be the next single.......I like it, but not lovin' it. It's catchy, a sing-a-long song, & surely it will hit #1 if it's released as a single!!

5) HOW I ROLL   (8.5/10)
The awkward moment is when many people dislike this track. Maybe coz it's kinda girlish...but i bet Justin Bieber's & Taylor Swift's fans will have it on their iPod. Haha

6) (DROP DEAD) BEAUTIFUL   (8.5/10)
One of the catchiest song in the album besides I Wanna Go & Criminal track. The lyrics r full of obscenity metaphors (but who cares? it's Britney bitch!!)....and Sabi rapping about pot of steamy vegetable..nevertheless a great track :D

7) SEAL IT WITH A KISS   (6.5/10)'s okay. I always skip this

8) BIG FAT BASS   (9/10)
I thought it's gonna be a bad-ass track as I dislike the snippet of it before. But the song is catchy enough to make everyone dance their ass-off with it!!! rapping during the breakdown part is ah-ma-zing

9) TROUBLE FOR ME   (8/10)
Really Britney-ish. The only song sounds like pure pop (although it's not)

10) TRIP TO YOUR HEART   (5/10)
Sorry, just not into it..quite a boring track. my least fav track -.-

11) GASOLINE   (9/10)
The HOTTEST track in the album !!! Many critics claimed that Gasoline's chorus sounds alike Toxic 3 (p/s: Womanizer is Toxic 2)..the title of this track is unique..never thought I love a song about Gasoline.LOL

12) CRIMINAL   (10/10)
Britney closing down the album with the best track (my personal opinion). The whispering flute so damn catchy and the lyrics is better than the rest. And this song can be related to almost every women's..99.9% gonna hit #1 on Billboard if be released..00.1% just for coincidence if it's not chosen as a single


13) Up & Down   (6/10)
Naahh, no wonder it's chosen as bonus track

14) He About To Lose Me   (7/10)
The only track with lesser auto-tuned usage among the rest. It's OK, not good. But hey, it's Kylie Minogue fav track !!

15) Selfish   (8.5/10)
Quite a good one. Better than some of the tracks.. Wonder why it's put as a bonus track.

16) Don't Keep Me Waiting   (6.5/10)
Ahh, loves Britney voice singing rock-edge genre. HOT!!

17) Scary   (8/10)
One of 2 tracks co-written by Britney  - the other one, Whiplash. given to Selena Gomez..very 90s pop. Lovin' it !!

Overall, Femme Fatale is one of the best Britney's album so far...behind Blackout. Britney taking risk by putting the forgotten European-underground influenced on every tracks and it amazingly works!! Definitely gonna be an album to remember for a longgggg time :D

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