Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Britney Spears Keeps Her Record Even With Gaga 99cent Freebie

BILLBOARD Confirms That BORN THIS WAY Will Sell 1.15 Million In First Week !!! OOPS I DID IT AGAIN 1.3 Million !!! 

For two days last week, Lady Gaga’s Born This Way was sold on Amazon.com at the price of 99 cents. Amazon also gave buyers 20 GB of free cloud storage with the purchase. Billboard Magazine created an uproar when they announced that sales from the Amazon deal (which could top 500,000 copies) will be counted and blamed the uproar over this on Britney Spears fans. However, anger was widespread to fans of other artists and of pop music in general. Some Lady Gaga fans responded by buying 20 copies each and sending the digital copies to their friends.

source : Billboard.com , TMZ.com

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