Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Rihanna Defends Performance with Britney Spears

Not too long after a rather racy performance of her hit single “S&M,” singer Rihanna has stepped up to take on the criticism that her and fellow performer Britney Spears have received, especially from a kiss the two shared at the end.

The Parents Television Council issued a statement, declaring the performance and the kiss oversexualized and not an accident, and that ABC and their sponsers “knew EXACTLY what they were getting.” The organization has also called for a boycott of the networks sponsers, which indclude Old Navy, McDonalds, and Chevrolet. 

Rihanna later appeared on the Today show and defended the performance, stating “"There are people who are going to think it's too sexy, but you're always going to find that. People are going to always talk whether you're doing bad or good." 

As for the kiss, Rihanna pointed out that “Nothing popped out. We didn't make out.” 

Looking at the video itself, it would appear that Rihanna is correct. The kiss seems to have taken place with Spears rather quickly, and it seemed that the camera cut away before anything was actually shown. .

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