Thursday, June 16, 2011

Why Britney Didn't Credited In Writing Femme Fatale ?

"So I asked my boss today about how writing credit works and he gave me some great insight on how writing credits work. Legally, a publishing company can be the rights to a composition, fully or partially. However, the artists can not use the purchased compositions when it comes to Grammy nominations and ASCAP awards. This is why there was a big controversy with Beyonce, Ne-Yo and "Irreplaceable." Even though she paid for partial writing credits, she technically should not have got that nomination. Ne-Yo made a little rant about it when she was recognized by the Grammy Association and he was not. Since, they Grammy rules have been changed in Ne-Yo's favor.

Either way, an artist can also choose to be listed as a writer if the re-arrange the vocals or lyrics on a track. For instance, if Britney was recording a song and decided to change one or two of the lines, she could take credit for it and receive partial royalties when she does this. A lot of artists do this because it's easy money in their pocket. Britney never does simply because she doesn't care. It's sort of like a lie anyways and deceitful to try and capitalize off of slight modifications off someone's work. Regardless, one of my first projects when I first started working his was on Billboard coverage for E! They used the S&M Remix track and we had to go back and pay Rihanna's label for it since the original production was published by them. Then we had to go through and pay off the unmentioned writers, which can be anywhere from 2% - 25% of the song. Usually, it will just be labeled under like "Columbia" or "Jive" and they'll handle it, but Britney is listed personally. 

I'm gonna try and take a screen shot before I leave work, but Britney is listed for a lot of her songs on Femme Fatale. Technically she took a large enough part in writing the songs to make money from them, but didn't care to be listed as a writer."

source ~ MartianLeaks

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