Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Daniel Zamudio : A Britney Fan Killed For Sexual Orientation

Daniel Zamudio

CNN - The issue of hate crime legislation has gripped Chilean leaders as one family on Friday prepared to bury  their 24 year old son, who was apparently targeted because of his sexual orientation. 

Daniel Zamudio, a gay man, was attacked in a Santiago park on March 3 and died from his injuries Tuesday. 

Zamudio attackers reportedly beat him for an hour, burned him with cigarettes and carved Nazi's symbol on his body.

Four men thought to belong to a neo-Nazi group have been arrested. There were identified as Raul Lopez Fuentez (25), Patricio Ahumada Garay (25), Alejandro Angula Tapia (26), and Fabian Mora Mora (19) 

After Daniel Zamudio died, authorities raised the charges against the men to aggravated murder

"As a government, we did this in the name of Chileans who, after the murder of Daniel Zamudio, feel that Chile has to change,' regional Gov. Cecilia Perez said.

On Friday, the United Nations (UN) added its call for passage of an anti-discrimination law. Chilean President, Sebastian Penera addressed the incident this week.

In an interview, Daniel's mom said that when he was in coma state they played Britney songs and he did a little smile.

People crowded on around cars in the funeral procession. You can see Britney poster was put on top of the coffin

A girl put flowers at the gates of Daniel's home. Britney's posters was also can be seen.

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